Let’s Go Back To Basics

‘Ello you.

I would start this off with the whole ‘long time, no see’, but I think that is how I started my last entry and probably the one before that too. In summary, I have neglected this blog of mine for far too long. But no more. I want this to be a place where I enjoy writing again, just like I did when I first started this whole idea of delving into the world of motorsport journalism.

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How one moment changed my opinion on W Series

Back in college I produced a thesis about why we see a lack of women in motorsport. Motorsport is not a man’s sport, but undeniably you can state that is still very male-dominated. Things are changing though and for the better. This thesis took me months and during the research for the project I looked into the ideas that circulated about a women’s motorsport championship. The people that I had found that backed the idea, I will be honest with you, I didn’t have much respect for them or their values. Therefore, the fact they were promoting this idea of a segregated championship just for women didn’t appeal to me at all. Fast forward five years later and W Series is announced.

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