‘Ello you.

I would start this off with the whole ‘long time, no see’, but I think that is how I started my last entry and probably the one before that too. In summary, I have neglected this blog of mine for far too long. But no more. I want this to be a place where I enjoy writing again, just like I did when I first started this whole idea of delving into the world of motorsport journalism.

Truth be told, over the past couple of years I have faced a series of confidence crises. I have become a lot better with time, but as recently as last year I have found moments where I question my ability. I wrote something about this on LinkedIn a few years back which I will add a snippet of below:

“Being your own worst critic is tough, especially when you are chasing a dream that relies solely on your own hard work, determination and enthusiasm. Yes, there may be the odd helping hand offering you opportunities or words of advice, but essentially it is your own self-belief that will get you where you want to go. Which is why when you inevitably begin to critique and compare yourself to others, you find yourself on a very slippery slope.”

It is odd reading the whole post back just over two years since I first published it. I think my issue was I put too much pressure on myself to deliver continuous content that I would label “different”. I wanted this blog to be a place where you could read something than you wouldn’t find on the likes of Autosport or the BBC, whether that was discussing with a team principal about their year in motorsport or maybe an in-depth feature about driver diets. Soon my agenda for this website began to change rapidly and soon I felt out of my depth in finding the balance between fresh exciting content that was consistent and a full-time job with a healthy social life.

It lead to a burn-out and a total lack of motivation to write anything on this blog. Last year I published just nine pieces on this website. Nine. It was a million miles away from the amount of work I would share on my blog when I first started back in 2013. Yes, situations have changed but I think back to how much I enjoyed writing and researching posts when there was no agenda and no expectations of what to publish.

However, over the last six months I have been really fortunate to find myself in a great place with my writing. As some of you might know I co-founded a new motorsport publication called ‘Inside Electric’ with some of my closest pals. We are independent and specialise in FIA Formula E and the rapid growth of electric motorsport. This isn’t some kind of promotion, but having that dream team around that I can collaborate with and that support me has given me a confidence boost I so desperately needed.

I now have a platform where I can bounce ideas off a team; not just overthink things in my head until I ultimately decide they are stupid and they should never see the light of day. Having this change in routine and doing it with such a trusted and talent group of individuals has improved my motivation and hunger for creating content again – and boy, am I excited about what the future holds.

Now, you might be wondering what relevance this has to this blog of mine.

With Inside Electric being my go-to place for my Formula E work and other freelance gigs on the books, I thought that I would start again here on the blog. I miss the early days of ‘blogging’ about what I thought of the World Rally Championship at that moment in time, having a chin-wag with then-GP2 Champion Pierre Gasly or opinionated pieces on why I thought MotoGP was the best thing since sliced bread (not an actual headline but you get the idea).

I want that freedom again and having treated myself to a new laptop with all the trimmings, and that this will be my 99th post here on http://www.katyfairman.com, I decided now was time for the change I wanted.

So, without wafting on anymore, here’s to a fresh start.

Let’s go back to basics.

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